Shielding Criminal Records in Maryland
29 March 2020
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29 March 2020,

The Maryland Second Chance Act allows Defendants who have been convicted of certain crimes to make their criminal records in accessible by members of the general public. The record will not be available online and the Defendant can legally not disclose that they have a shielded record to anyone, including potential employers.

Shielding criminal records under the Maryland Second Chance Act differs from expungement in Maryland because expungement eliminates the record. Assuming your offense does not qualify for an expungement in Maryland, shielding is an excellent option.

What Criminal Offenses Qualify For Shielding Under Maryland’s Second Chance Act?

There are 12 convictions that qualify for shielding under Maryland’s Second Chance Act. They are:

  • Disorderly conduct.
  • Disturbing the peace.
  • Failure to obey a reasonable and lawful order.
  • Malicious destruction of property in the lesser degree.
  • Trespass on posted property
  • Possessing or administering a controlled dangerous substance.
  • Possessing or administering a non-controlled substance.
  • Use of or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia under
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving while privilege is canceled, suspended, refused, or revoked
  • Driving while uninsured
  • A prostitution offense that isn’t assignation.

When Can I File For A Petition for Shielding in Maryland?

A petition for shielding cannot be filed until at least three years after sentencing. For purposes of determining eligibility sentencing includes prison, parole, probation, and mandatory supervision.

How Many Times Can I File A Petition For Shielding in Maryland?

One. Uno. Un. A person can only have their record shielded once in Maryland. Perhaps this is why the Maryland Second Chance act is aptly named. There is no third or fourth chance. Multiple charges can be shielded if they arise from the same set of facts.

Can People Still Access My Record if It’s Been Shielded In Maryland?

People such as the police or employers can access a shielded record in Maryland if they have a legitimate reason. In order to do this they must submit an application with the Court. Nevertheless, if you decide to conceal that you have a shielded record that anyone including a potential employer discovers, it cannot be used against you.

Is There A Such Thing as a Maryland Shielding Attorney?

Yes. I am a Maryland Shielding attorney. I assist in helping people get a second chance under the Maryland’s Second Chance act. If you would like for me to assist you feel free to reach out.

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