Misdemeanor Expungement In Maryland
24 April 2020
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24 April 2020,

In most cases, an eligible misdemeanor expungement in Maryland can occur 10 years from the date of disposition.. Petty misdemeanors such as public urination or loitering are expungeable after three years.

How Do I Determine If My Charge Is Eligible For A Misdemeanor Expungement?

The list of crimes eligible for misdemeanor expungement in Maryland is listed under MD. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE ARTICLE ยง 10-110. For our easier to understand summary where we translate the legalese into plain English check out our guide guilty plea and guilty verdict expungements in Maryland.

Why Do I Have To Wait So Long For A Misdemeanor Expungement In Maryland?

Before October 2017, misdemeanor expungements were not possible at all in Maryland. The old view which was much too punitive branded people with Scarlet Letter A’s that caused society as a whole more harm than good. Maryland’s legislators recognized this injustice and passed a law to allow for misdemeanor expungement and even for certain felonies to be expunged in Maryland.

The rationale is that 10 years clean is a long enough to for an offender prove that they are not likely to repeat the offense and cause harm to society.

Is It Possible To Be Granted An Early Misdemeanor Expungement In Maryland?

Yes. Under Maryland law it possible to petition for an early expungement of a misdemeanor. The court would have to find “good cause” and the burden of proof would be on the Defendant. Generally the State objects to petitions for early expungement. We highly recommend consulting with an expungement attorney prior to filing an early expungement petition.

Need Help With Your Misdemeanor Expungement Petition In Maryland?

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free assessment! Seriously, we will help determine your eligibility for expungement free of charge. It is our passion to help people clear their records so they can get back to work!

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