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Xpunge Me! – MD & DC Expungement Petitions By a Lawyer

Xpunge Me! (expunge me!) is a service dedicated to clearing criminal records of Maryland and DC residents. B. Xavier Pendergraft Esq. started Xpunge Me! to help seal the criminal, traffic, and arrest records for people who have made mistakes in the past. Attorney Pendergraft strongly believes that people deserve a second chance and in providing quality legal services at an affordable rate. Xpunge Me! is the realization of these two beliefs.

Xpunge Me!  Maryland & DC Expungement Lawyer

Xpunge Me! Maryland & DC Expungement Lawyer

Expungement Petition Preparation Lawyer Services

Xpunge Me! Helps clients by preparing and filing expungement petitions on their behalf. Unrepresented petitioners often waste time and money when filing petitions because their pleading is incorrect or because they do not understand the Maryland or DC rules on expungement. A lawyer can help you by explaining these rules to you so that you avoid the pitfalls. In fact, Attorney Pendergraft is willing to consult with you free of charge to help you avoid the common pitfalls.

Pardon Preparation Lawyer Services

If you are convicted of a crime that does not qualify for expungement then Xpunge Me! can help you by filing a pardon petition on your behalf if you qualify for a pardon. The decision of whether or not your receive a pardon lies solely with the Governor in Maryland and (in most cases) with the President of the United States in DC.

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