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What is a Pardon in Maryland?

A pardon petition can be used to obtain relief from the debilitating effects of a criminal conviction even if the offense does not qualify for an expungement. If granted this does not seal records from public view (that power is reserved for the Court and not the Governor), however, a full and unconditional pardon may be used as a grounds for expungement in some cases. Xpunge Me! can help you by filing your petition on your behalf. An offense may be fully and unconditionally pardoned or partially reduced, or not fully and conditionally pardoned (clemency).

Pardon MD, Free Pardon Petition Consultation!

Pardon MD, Free Pardon Petition Consultation!

Maryland Rules and Pardons and Clemency

The source of the Governor’s power is the Maryland State Constitution. Many of the rules are found in the Maryland code, particularly Md. CORRECTIONAL SERVICES Code Ann. ยง 7-601 – 603.

Pardon Qualifications

    To qualify for relief in Maryland a person must:

  1. Not currently be imprisoned.
  2. Misdemeanor offenders must be crime free for 5 years.
  3. Generally felony offenders must be crime free for 10 years, some times 7.
  4. Violent crime or controlled distributed substance felony offenders must be crime free for 20 years, sometimes 15.

Pardon Considerations

    In determining wheter or not to grant a pardon, the Governor considers:

  1. The nature and circumstance of the offense;
  2. The effect of the pardon on the victim of the offense (if there was one and the communit;.
  3. The sentence the petitioner was given;
  4. The petitoners negative effect on society;
  5. The petitioners rehabilitation and positive effect on society;
  6. The reason a relief is needed.

Xpunge Me! Pardon Petition Practice

Contact B. Xavier Pendergraft Esq. of Xpunge Me! and he will assess whether or not your case is a good candidate for an expungement or forgiveness free of charge. Text 301-200-0777 or e-mail [email protected] for a free consultation!

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