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Free Expungement and Pardon Consultation

free expungement consultation

free expungement consultation

After contacting Xpunge Me! Attorney Xavier, an attorney licensed to practice law in both DC and Maryland, will contact you to learn more about your case. Then he will search for your records. After evaluating your records, Xavier will analyze your records using applicable DC or MD rules to see if your case qualifies for expungement. If your case is a good candidate for expungement Xavier will help you complete and file your expungement petition on your behalf at an affordable cost. If your case does not qualify for expungement not all hope is lost! Xavier will evauate whether or not your case is a good candidate for a pardon.

Contact B. Xavier Pendergraft Esq. via calling 301-205-9013 or e-mail at [email protected] with your full name and case number to claim your free expungement consultation.

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